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and UnderGround™ Wire Nut®

1.0 SCOPE:
  1.1 This family of silicone-filled wire connectors was specifically designed for use in professionally installed irrigation control and landscape lighting systems. These connectors provide a secure electrical connection for two or more pre–stripped copper wires and seal the connection for use in damp/wet locations or direct bury applications. Connected and protected in one easy, time-saving process. The Underground connectors feature a long skirt for superior moisture resistance.
  2.1 Sealing Protection: Pre-filled with 100% silicone sealant. Protects against the harsh, damaging effects of moisture and corrosion. Provides a high-reliability electrical connection.
  2.2 Agency Approvals: Listed under UL standard UL 486G (Sealed Twist-On Connecting Devices.)
  2.3 Applications: For installations of irrigation systems and lighting systems (operating at 30 volts or less) in dry locations, damp locations, wet locations, below grade, or above grade. Do not use for Decoder/2-Wire systems.
  2.4 Product Line: The WeatherProof™ line is intended for use in direct burial or temporary submersion. The UnderGround™ line can be installed below-grade in direct bury applications with continuos submersion up to 2' deep.
  2.5 Electrical Connection: The expanding square-wire spring provides fast secure connections. Easy installation saves time, improves productivity and reduces installed labor costs. Rated 600 volts max. (1,000 volts signs and fixtures).
  2.6 Shell design: Swept-wing design provides improved leverage and increased torque, making it easy on the fingers when installing many connections over a short period of time.
  2.7 Hex-Top: This integrated feature allows the use of a hand applied nut-driver or cordless-drill driver to install connectors quickly and efficiently
  2.8 Impact Resistant: A tough thermoplastic shell provides exceptional durability and protects the connection from impact as well as the damaging effects of harmful UV rays
  2.9 Wide Wire Range: Complete line covers a wide range of popular combinations and wire sizes from 22 to 6 AWG (0.34 to 16 mm2.) Three WeatherProof™ models and three UnderGround™ models help reduce inventory and SKUs.
  Made in the U.S.A. by IDEAL INDUSTRIES - Exceptional performance, quality and value from a name you can trust. IDEAL is the number one brand of connectors in the electrical industry


WeatherProof™ Wire Connectors:

Part Numbers and Description
Gray/Orange Gray/Red Gray/Dark Blue
Wire Range AWG 22-14 18-8 16-6
mm²  0.34 to 2.5  0.75 to 10 1.5 to 16
Replaces King Black/White, Gray/Gray, Aqua/Orange, Blue/Blue Black/Gray, Aqua/Red, Tan Black/Blue, Aqua/Blue
Packaging Details Pack Case Qty Paige# IDEAL# Pack Case Qty Paige# IDEAL# Pack Case Qty Paige# IDEAL#
Card of 25 125 270i61B 30-1161 Card of 20 100 270i62B 30-1162 Card of 15 75 270i63B 30-1163
Jar of 150 900 270i61J 30-1261J Jar of 100 600 270i62J 30-1262J Jar of 50 300 270i63J 30-1263J
Box of 1000 1,000 270i61D 30-1361 Box of 1000 1,000 270i62D 30-1362 Box of 1000 1,000 270i63D 30-1363

UnderGround™ Wire Connectors:

Part Numbers and Description
Gray Gray/Dark Blue Gray/Dark Blue
Wire Range AWG 20-10 18-8 14-6
mm²  0.5 to 6.0  0.75 to 10  2.5 to 16
Replaces King King 4 Yellow King 5 Red, King 6 Blue, King 6 Yellow King 9 Blue
Packaging Details Pack Case Qty Paige# IDEAL# Pack Case Qty Paige# IDEAL# Pack Case Qty Paige# IDEAL#
Card of 2 10 270i60A 30-060 Card of 2 10 270i64A 30-064 Card of 2 10 270i66A 30-066
Card of 10 50 270i60B 30-760 Card of 10 50 270i64B 30-764 Card of 6 30 270i66B 30-766
Box of 100 100 270i60C 30-260 Box of 50 50 270i64C 30-264 Box of 50 50 270i66C 30-266
Box of 1000 1,000 270i60D 30-360 Box of 1000 1,000 270i64D 30-364 - - - -