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85 Series

Multi-Mold Resin Splice Kits for Inline and Tap Splices for 1 kV

3M Scotchcast 85 series multi-mold kits to electrically insulate odd-sized and odd-shaped splices on cables rated through to 1 kV. These flexible plastic molds are easily formed around splices. Within 30 minutes after resin has been poured, the splice is ready for service – above ground or buried.

Each kit contains:

  • Bag Scotchcast 2104 resin
  • Sealing strip
  • Mold with spacer web

Each kit makes one splice.


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Product UPC Connector Types Maximum
Conductor Size
Inner Unit Pack Case Qty.
85-10 11846 Split Bolt 8 AWG str. 1/box 10
Compression, H or C Tap 4 AWG str.
85-12 11847 Split Bolt 1 AWG str. 1/box


Compression, H or C Tap 2/0 AWG str.
85-14 11848 Split Bolt 2/0 AWG str. 1/box


Compression, H or C Tap 4/0 AWG str.
85-16 02403 Inline Compression Split Bolt 750 kcmil str.
250 kcmil (run)
2/0 AWG str. (tap)


Compression, H or C Tap 500 kcmil (run)
4/0 AWG str. (tap)
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