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and UnderGround™ Wire Nut®

1.0 SCOPE:
  This family of silicone-filled wire connectors was specifically designed for use in professionally installed irrigation control and landscape lighting systems. These connectors provide a secure electrical connection for two or more pre–stripped copper wires and seal the connection for use in damp/wet locations or direct bury applications. Connected and protected in one easy, time-saving process.
  2.1 Sealing Protection - Pre-filled with 100% silicone sealant. Protects against the harsh, damaging effects of moisture and corrosion. Provides a high-reliability electrical connection.
  2.2 Agency Approvals - Each of these products are UL Listed and CSA certified. These products are designed to exceed the rigorous test standards of UL486D as a Sealed Wire Connector System.
  2.3 Product Line - The WeatherProof™ line is intended for use in direct burial or temporary submersion. The UnderGround™ line can be installed below-grade in direct bury applications with continuos submersion up to 2' deep.
  2.4 Electrical Connection - The expanding square-wire spring provides fast secure connections. Easy installation saves time, improves productivity and reduces installed labor costs. Rated 600 volts max. (1,000 volts signs and fixtures)
  2.5 Shell design - Swept-wing design provides improved leverage and increased torque, making it easy on the fingers when installing many connections over a short period of time.
  2.6 Hex-Top - This integrated feature allows the use of a hand applied nut-driver or cordless-drill driver to install connectors quickly and efficiently
  2.7 Impact Resistant - A tough thermoplastic shell provides exceptional durability and protects the connection from impact as well as the damaging effects of harmful UV rays
  2.8 Wide Wire Range - Complete line covers a wide range of popular combinations and wire sizes from 22 to 6 AWG (0.34 to 16 mm2.) Three WeatherProof™ models and two UnderGround™ models help reduce inventory and SKUs.
  2.9 Made in the U.S.A. by IDEAL INDUSTRIES - Exceptional performance, quality and value from a name you can trust. IDEAL is the number one brand of connectors in the electrical industry


WeatherProof™ Wire Connectors:

Part Numbers and Description
Gray/Orange Gray/Red Gray/Dark Blue
Wire Range AWG 22-14 18-8 16-6
mm²  0.34 to 2.5  0.75 to 10 1.5 to 16
Replaces King Black/White, Gray/Gray, Aqua/Orange, Blue/Blue Black/Gray, Aqua/Red, Tan Black/Blue, Aqua/Blue
Packaging Details Pack Case Qty Paige# IDEAL# Pack Case Qty Paige# IDEAL# Pack Case Qty Paige# IDEAL#
Card of 25 125 270i61B 30-1161 Card of 20 100 270i62B 30-1162 Card of 15 75 270i63B 30-1163
Jar of 150 900 270i61J 30-1261J Jar of 100 600 270i62J 30-1262J Jar of 50 300 270i63J 30-1263J
Box of 1000 1,000 270i61D 30-1361 Box of 1000 1,000 270i62D 30-1362 Box of 1000 1,000 270i63D 30-1363

UnderGround™ Wire Connectors:

Part Numbers and Description
Gray Gray/Dark Blue
Wire Range AWG 20-10 18-8
mm²  0.5 to 6.0  0.75 to 10
Replaces King King 4 Yellow King 5 Red, King 6 Blue, King 6 Yellow
Packaging Details Pack Case Qty Paige# IDEAL# Pack Case Qty Paige# IDEAL#
Card of 25 125 270i60B1 30-1160 Box of 50 50 270i64C 30-1264
Box of 100 100 270i60C 30-1260 Box of 100 1,000 270i64D 30-1364
Box of 1000 1,000 270i60D 30-1360